I've been a Front End Engineer / UI Developer / JavaScript app builder for over 16 years, working in consulting, cultural heritage, the financial sector, arts & entertainment industry and top digital agencies. Here is a few random recent projects. Check out my Github link below!

  • NUL Digital Collections

    NUL Digital Collections
    • Launched Digital Collection v2 in 2023. Refactored the primary discovery application for scholars, researchers and course-access to over 204,000 Works across 193 Collections in NUL's digitized archives
    • Architected tech stack in NextJS, Radix UI, TypeScript, Stitches.dev, IIIF APIs, OpenSearch, Jest + TestingLibrary and maintain continuous integration staging/production deployments in AWS Amplify.
    • Planned, managed and executed the project over 12 months from early-stage wire-framing, user-testing, requirements gathering and monthly Library open process demos.
    ReactNext.jsTypeScriptRadix UIAWS
  • Canopy IIIF

    Canopy IIIF
    • An open-source static site generator designed for fast creation, contextualization, and customization of a discovery-focused digital scholarship and collections website using IIIF APIs.
    • Canopy is an open source site generator built with IIIF and Next.js.
    • Using a IIIF Collection as a data source, Canopy IIIF generates a browseable and searchable static site and provides a straightforward solution using Markdown for adding scholary context to the resources that are referenced.
    TypeScriptIIIFReactNextraNext.jsRadix UI
  • Zuma Live

    Zuma Live
    • Architected a full-stack, livestream video platform ticketing service connecting independent music venues, artists and digital concert attendees for 100+ events.
    • In parallel, built an authenticated, multi-user tier administrative back-end to manage livestreams, customers, payments, venues, artists, billing, and real-time revenue forecasting / graph visualizations for over 2500 customers.
    • A full stack architecture solution handling ticketing, payments and customer records built with Stripe, Supabase Auth, DB and File-storage, Vimeo API, NextJS, Custom API Middleware, PostGres, SendGrid, React Query, Chakra UI, TailwindCSS, Sentry, ChartJS and more.
    Vimeo APISupabaseStripePostGreSQLAPINextJSTailwindCSSSendGrid
  • Clover IIIF

    Clover IIIF
    • Co-developer of React component library featuring 15+ exports designed for digital humanist developers composing modular IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework) web applications.
    • Focus on exceeding accessibility standards, Developer experience (DX), and clear, easy to read documentation.
    • Built with: React, TypeScript, Vite (bundling/packaging), Nextra (documentation wrapper), Vitest, CSS in JS, and RadixUI.
    ReactIIIFTypeScriptNPMViteRadix UINextraVitest
  • Speculative Annotations

    Speculative Annotations
    • Lead Developer for “Speculative Annotations” Library of Congress Labs Artist in Residency project 2021.
    • Created an interactive web experience for high-school students to annotate curated Digital Works from LOC archives. Students can draw, stamp, highlight, annotate, pose questions, type text, on a deep zoom canvas of the image. They can further save their annotations and share with friends/teachers/classmates.
    FabricJSReactOpenSeadragonChakraUIEmotionCSSJestTesting Library
  • Trade-R

    • Built a trade forecasting/tracking system for cryptocurrency trading, providing individual and dashboard alerts when Stop trigger prices exceed user-defined thresholds
    • Supports 8 global currency pairs (ie. BTC/USD, BTC/GBP, etc), and provides real-time crypto pricing information for end users for the top 100 market cap coins (BTC, ETH, etc).